its been a while...i left my blog about 1 week without a new post......now its time to write again...even i dont really feel to write about anything, but at the same time i am eager, always eager to share everything with you my readers.....but sometimes its hard to tell or express something that truly we feel in our heart....even the feeling is bothering me, its just sometimes the best way is to keeep it secretly.... :( let only me and ALLAH know what makes me telling you this...:)

there are still some nice story to tell you....even i have been trough a lot of grive, sorrow, happy moment in this first week of June ( it really tests me as a slave of ALLAH..). erm.....which one to tell first....?

not yet to get married, but will one day.

  • i manage to finish reading this book on my way back from Pahang (PERKASA program) to Penang....yey....at last!!! khatam jugak!!.. i was very happy... i learned a lot from this book..thanks to saifulislam for sharing all those info's.
  • i just came back from PERKASA JIM held at the Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang...its a training program to train future JIM leaders....insyaALLAH to be a good capable, effective and efficient leaders of the ummah (mentally and physically)...and the moto was... " yes yes yes!!! change the World..... " (but dont forget to change Malaysia first!!) ... i'll just let the photos talk..
we were lost at the Fraser Hill..overnight there...dapat gak merasa Fraser Hill....alhamdulillah..

its the 'leaders' team ( my team) , Muharikah, not Mufarakah...Muharikah means 'move'/ bergerak/mengalir.... ( where's me? ? ?)

before Muharikah start the game..mixball game (netball, volleyball..) - makcik2 JIm call it...bola caca marba...

last day- Muharikah Vs Imtiaz -feel like playing at old school (almashoor) gelanggang... :)
thnks to anisa for the nice ptoho shoot of me..

mens leaders water polo battle in a green lumut pool...picture taken from the peak of Dusun Eco Resort..

PERKASA women teams in the PERKASA uniform

the sportings and supportive senior and junior leaders of JIM... after program closing..dun forget to change the World everybody!!

guess who? glad to have this opportunity...thank you ALLAH for giving me chance to experience this...being in this resort leaves me in a piece mind for a while ,i feel like loosing all the difficulties and challenges ALLAH's tested me during this first week of the very meaningful JUNE... i believe, for all that happened to me are the best that ALLAH want for me...every cloud has its silver lining....right??

p/s: to all my frends who still keep my 012 number, FYI, no tu dah expire..mati trus , tak dapat nk diselamatkan lagi sbb aku x topap awal2...expiry date nye 6 june but i was in the jungle that day, x de coverage n x de topap...hua...sedeynye....so please do keep in touch using my 019 only, okey..? isk isk isk... :(


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hoho. bes ye nmpk

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uish best le...dah lama tak lasak2...