a luv to remember...

a luv to remember...

I close my eyes and you're still here
Oh, the aching my heart does fear
For when I open my eyes again,
You will not be with me then

For what we shared was beautiful
No words could ever describe
The love, the feelings, the smile, the joy,
That were all bottled up inside

My heart still pounds as I think of you-
Your touch, your smile, your eyes of blue
They are so deep, with thoughts inside
Those thoughts from me you cannot hide
I want to close my eyes and remember it all-
The smile on my face when I think you might call

I see
you standing there at my door
Oh, I wish it could be once more
To let you come into my house and my heart
The taste of your mouth as it starts to

The touch of your hands on my back and my face
The passion built up inside is release from that gate
The gate that kept these feelings locked

The feelings that for years I always wanted to hide
But you, being the giving person you are,
You gave me so much of yourself, by far
You helped me to heal, and you taught me to feel
You taught me how to open my heart to what’s real

And I thank you for that with a love from my heart
We knew all along that someday we’d part
But we promised to remember the love we shared
We promised never to forget how very much we both cared

As you wish, I love you, it all means the same
You’ll be in my heart always... it was never a game
The minutes will turn to hours, and hours to days
The days will turn to years, then there will be a way
For the two of us to find each other again

When we pass to the new world to be with family and friends

I will always love you....

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